Who’s Driving Your Train? Why?

My absolute favorite piece of music of all time is Buddy Morrow’s “Night Train”. It’s an iconic piece of jazz genius that pulls me into my FLOW from the first measure. I lose track of everything else almost immediately. My body starts to sway with the rocking rhythm and when the cadre of horns, led by Morrow’s smooth trombone, comes rolling through I am ON THAT TRAIN (Minute 14:25 on the Mercury recording 1959 – but the whole album is an incredible experience.) When it comes squealing to a stop, I feel like I have traveled outside of myself and really gone somewhere. If you get a chance to treat yourself just once today, give it a listen.

Many important train metaphors are embedded in my identity.  One of my first memories is of riding the Georgetown Loop with my amazing grandmother, whom I admire for her convictions as much as her compassion. Reading Atlas Shrugged for the first time at the impressionable age of 19 left indelible images and deep connections to the metaphor of trains, the motors that propel them, and the kind of people that make them possible.  Living mere blocks away from train tracks these days gives me a daily dose of the sounds of forward momentum and continuous journey.

Recently the train metaphor has become really important for me in another way. I happened to need a writing surface last night and I pulled a copy of The Polar Express off my bookshelf. I used it as a surface to pen my first goals for my new business endeavor. Only after sitting down to visualize my objectives and put my goals on paper did I really notice which book was supporting my work.

I joined Rodan + Fields yesterday as a consultant. And I’ve got a ticket to ride the train. Check it out – it’s a golden ticket! 

I thought it was perfect that I had chosen, inadvertently, The Polar Express. It is a perennial family favorite since my boy was little, representing sacred time with my family. It is filled with beautiful artistry, a message about the possibility of magic that lies beyond serendipity, and some deep questions about what kind of grown-up it takes to have faith and take risks.

Don’t get me wrong: if I didn’t BELIEVE in Rodan + Fields and the quality of their products after trying them for a year, I would not have gotten on the train. Res ipsa loquitor: the products speak for themselves. But just having a great product is not really the only reason I am joining this company.

Rodan + Fields puts me on a track and gives me a ticket to go do the thing I think I might not be able to do, and I do love a challenge. The support network is impressive. It means meeting new people, and learning about their personal journeys along the way. It means I will grow new areas of expertise and be able to help others. It is an investment in the health of my skin, the health of my family, and the health of my social network. And those are my WHYs.

I hope the train metaphor will continue to inspire me to stay diligent and focused on the sunset on my horizon, give a rhythm to my forward momentum, and remind me  to sound the horn loud and proud.

P.S. Thanks for supporting my WordPress blog here as Tarbox’s Curious World of Teaching. For those people following, please know that this blog is probably going to deviate from its original purpose, and become less focused on the nuances of teaching, and more focused on wellness in general. Teaching middle school will always be part of my human lens, but the focus of the blog is changing a bit. I am going to promote Rodan + Fields, so if that’s not your interest, no hard feelings if you stop following. I’m also considering changing the name of the page soon to better reflect the audience I hope to cultivate. I hope is still has things to offer you as a reader and I hope you stick with me for at least a part of the voyage.





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