October, “armpit of the year”

One of the most amusing things I get to do as a teacher is to explain and discuss the weird, and sometimes gross things human bodies and organ systems do while behaving normally. The digestive system is a toot to teach! Teaching the nervous system is my favorite. The vascular system has a satisfying gross … Continue reading October, “armpit of the year”

Liminal spaces

Is there anyone else out there who checks their horoscope daily? I am going to admit that as a scientist, I consider this topic a personal conundrum. I am obsessive about reading my daily and monthly horoscope but admit there is no rational reason for me to do so. I have settled on a couple … Continue reading Liminal spaces

The “State of Colorado v.s. Public School Teachers”

I am a teacher. This Sunday evening, instead of grading essays, I am reflecting on the "State of Colorado v.s. Public School Teachers", also known as SB18-264 in the Colorado General Assembly. The prime sponsors of this legislation are Senator Bob Gardner and Representative Paul Lundeen, both representing El Paso County. I'll provide their contact … Continue reading The “State of Colorado v.s. Public School Teachers”